Gourmet Food and Wines

At Flaxton Barn we stock a wide variety of local and exotic gourmet foods and wines, some of which can be enjoyed in the Veranda cafe. Try our speciality teas, coffees, decadent sauces, tasty chutneys, relishes, jams, preserves and … …much, much more!

Enjoy our diverse range of boutique wines

Settlers Rise Vineyard and Winery has established itself in twelve years as one of Queensland’s leading wineries, producing a range of highly awarded handcrafted wines that reflect a diverse range of climatic regions and a Master of Wine’s constant dedication to wine quality, innovation and style.

Wines are as different as the people who drink them which is why Settlers Rise has developed such a comprehensive range of wine styles and blends – all of which have won international and national awards or accolades.

So come on in to Flaxton Barn and continue your discovery as you taste why 18,000 Australians enjoy small scale boutique specialty wines direct from the vineyard.

For more information, please visit: www.settlersrise.com.au

Flaxton Barn, Verandah Cafe, antiques and souvenirs, gourmet kitchen
Flaxton Barn, Verandah Cafe, antiques and souvenirs, gourmet kitchen

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